Step 6 – Getting to Know Your Oils



Welcome to Getting to Know Your Oils.  Our network of Passionate Healers have compiled some information for you explaining the basics on how to get to know your oils so you can integrate them into your daily life.

Receive a Wellness Consultation

Once you receive your kit of oils it is very important that you schedule a Wellness Consultation with the the person who helped you order your kit and set up your account.  Meeting in person is best so they can help you get acquainted with the oils you just received but if you live far away a phone consultation will work too.

During your meeting they will help you make a personal and family plan to Reinvent your Healthcare.  They will help you have a more personalized step by step plan to begin introducing the oils and supplements into your life.  Using them each day while becoming more familiar to what all they can be used for, is an important step into being able to integrate them into your life easily.

Using Essential Oils in your life will become intuitive and easy eventually, but at first they will seem foreign and like “A New Complicated Recipe.”  When you decide to cook with a new recipe you may not even know what some of the ingredients are or even where to find them in the grocery store.  However over time, when you use the recipe to cook your new favorite meal, you will eventually become so used to it that you are able to only glance at the recipe when you make it. Plus you know exactly where everything is in the grocery store.

So, if you haven’t scheduled your Wellness Consultation give your Passionate Healer a call so you can get started learning your new recipe for your Reinvented Healthcare.

If you set up your account on your own or do not have someone to support and educate you please CONTACT US and we will make sure you are taken care of.

Watch a Membership Overview to Help You Get Started



Comprehensive Educational Training Program plus a comprehensive library of current, published, and peer-reviewed scientific studies on essential oils.


For people who care about improving their health and that of their loved ones, we provide simple, safe, and empowering solutions that enhance well-being.


Join the movement of using Essential Oils, Nutrition and Exercise to totally transform your body.


GROUNDING BLEND – Apply a drop to your feet before getting dressed in the morning.   (Apply to wrists or back of neck as needed throughout the day to promote feelings of balance and tranquility)

VITALITY SUPPLEMENT PACK – Take 2 capsules of each in the morning and at night for optimal health, energy, and longevity. (4 total of each bottle)

LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL – Put 1-2 drops in water or a capsule a few times a day to help your body detoxify more efficiently. (Diffusing or applying topically is also uplifting.)

DIGESTIVE ENZYMES – Take 1 capsule 1-3 times daily with food to support the body in healthy digestion of food nutrients and cellular metabolism of nutrients to energy.

METABOLIC ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND – Put 3-5 drops in your water 3-5 times a day or take a soft gel 3-5 times a day to promote healthy metabolism, manage hunger cravings, calm your stomach and lift your mood.

CALMING BLEND – Apply to bottom of feet each night to support restful sleep or diffuse in your bedroom.

PROTECTIVE BLEND ESSENTIAL OIL – Apply 1-3 drops to the bottom of your feet morning or night OR Take 1 capsule daily OR Carry the Beadlets with you and use as needed to boost your immune system against the seasonal threats you come in contact with each day.


DIFFUSE – Diffuse Peppermint and Wild Orange for a great good morning pick me up. – Diffuse the Respiratory Blend to maintain clear airways and breathing and support overall respiratory health. – Diffuse your oils of choice to support your overall body and mind.

SOOTHING BLEND – Apply directly to area to relieve occasional joint and muscle pain.  Wonderful after an intense workout or long day of work.

JOYFUL BLEND – Apply to the bottom of your feet or chest each morning or as needed to elevate mood, energize and increase vitality.

DIGESTIVE BLEND – Take in a gel cap, apply to abdomen or bottom of feet to soothe occasional stomach upset and aid in digestion of food.

RESPIRATORY BLEND – Apply to chest or diffuse to maintain clear airways and breathing and support overall respiratory health.  Use the Respiratory Drops to soothe and cool nasal airways.

TENSION BLENDApply to forehead, temples or back of neck to help ease the discomfort associated with headaches, muscle tension in the neck and help reduce stress.

FOCUS BLEND – Apply to bottom of feet or back of neck each morning or as needed to enhance focus when you have trouble staying on task or difficulty paying attention.

LEMON, LAVENDER & PEPPERMINT OR SEASONAL BLEND – Put 2 drops each of Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint in water to drink or take them in a gel cap of this Seasonal Blend daily during times of seasonal outdoor discomfort to promote clear breathing and overall respiratory health.

WOMEN’S MONTHLY BLEND – Women apply to lower abdomen daily or as needed to help balance hormones provide temporary respite from cramps, nausea, hot flashes, and emotional swings.


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