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In 2013 my daughter introduced me to Certified Pure Essential oils and I fell in love with them immediately. Due to
some health issues I had been having, I had already begun my journey of looking for a better way to be
healthy and whole. I had learned a lot on my journey, but now that I have these Essential Oils, my
life has completely changed.

When I started with these Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils I immediately began taking the Lifelong Vitality Pack. Over a
period of 3 months I began to notice that I had more energy, breathing was easier and was able to
digest my food better. This was a big deal to me!

Spring arrived and I wanted to open the windows to our home and I was struggling to physically get
them open. My husband asked me why I wanted them open. He said, “we’ve lived here 5 years and
you’ve never wanted them open. Why now?”  I began to realize I wanted them open because I was
breathing better and I could handle the fresh air! I didn’t need to rely on a closed house with air
conditioning any longer. That led to us replacing most of the windows in our home. Now the windows
are open as often as possible in Illinois!

As that was happening, I was also using my oils daily that I had gotten in my Enrollment Kit.   Essential oils are now a part of my daily regimen. I simply reach for the oil that will support my overall health and support my body to heal the root cause.

I’m married and have 4 grown children and 7 grandchildren. I have my Degree in Nursing, which I used
for many years both at work and helping to care for my family and friends. I have also been in ministry
most of my life, where my nursing degree and gift of compassion has helped me meet the needs of

Now that my life has changed I have become passionate to share this level of healing with the world! I
love being able to share the oils whenever I come in contact with people and even as I also minister to
people. Covering them with prayer and giving them a sample of oil that will support their physical
healing allows them to step into the health and wholeness that God has planned for them.

Our Health Care System seems to be really broken. Just getting your symptoms to go away with a drug
isn’t actually healing the body. Giving your body the tools it needs to heal is completely different. In
finding this quality of oils, I have not only brought healing to my family but I now
have an amazing way for others to take control of their health.


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